Building for the future

With your help, we plan to build a 10-bed, residential hospice and Centre of Excellence to provide hospice-palliative care services in Toronto. Funds raised will be applied towards:

  • Construction of 25,000 sq. ft., two-storey hospice building
  • State-of-the-art furnishings and equipment
  • Development and expansion of non-residential hospice-palliative care services
  • Start-up operational funding, to be complemented by annual funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term care (in the amount of $105,000 per bed)
  • Training for palliative care professionals and volunteers

sq. ft.

on two floors


in private rooms


ammenities and resources

A perfect opportunity in the perfect location

The new building will be located in the new, non-hospital, healthcare park on land owned by West Park Healthcare Centre.

The proximity to West Park Healthcare Centre will create synergy through shared costs of support services and secondary revenue sources such as training for hospital personnel or personnel from other agencies in the Park.

Capital funding that is directed to building costs reduces operating expenses (e.g., rent) to make the Hospice more financially sound for the long term.

Vital improvements to our community

Vital improvements to our community

Toronto is currently under-served in hospice-palliative care. (Compared to Calgary with 120 beds in 7 hospices. Of the 49 hospices in Ontario with 359 beds, only 2 hospices with 20 beds are in Toronto.)

Hospitals are not designed or organized to care for end of life. The combination of residential and visiting hospice services that we provide will achieve two important objectives:

  • Substantially improve the quality and scope of care for Toronto families at the end of life
  • Reduce strain on hospitals and the cost to the healthcare system

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