More than a Building:
An Investment in Transformation

Now is the time for Toronto to step forward with the $10 million in capital investment needed to build The Toronto Commandery Hospice. Donated funds will go toward:


Donors are the key that unlocks our potential

Due to its very nature, the success of hospice care is dependent on people outside the formal healthcare system – families, volunteers, and private visionary donors who typically provide approximately 40 per cent of operating funds.

The Ontario government’s current funding is set at $105,000 per bed annually against a projected operating cost of $160,000 per bed. This campaign is about providing capital facilities and physical beds, recognizing that these are the vitally-needed catalyst that sets transformation in motion.

"We recognize the tremendous need a hospice would fulfill in extending the continuum of care on the campus. A hospice represents a vital and much needed service and will be a highly valuable addition to the campus and resource to the region."

- Anne-Marie Malik, CEO, West Park

Help us transform the future

Compassionate care in a home-like environment will support clients and their families at a vital time in their lives.

The final chapter of life is just as important as the story leading up to it.

Hospice-palliative care is cost effective and desirable, and The Toronto Commandery Hospice has the vision, the programs, the location, the leaders, the networks, the experience and the creativity to help transform the issue of hospice-palliative care for Toronto.

'The stars are aligned' for a great leap forward in healthcare in our city. The opportunity to leverage existing development at West Park, to benefit from synergies and cost savings, and to stake our claim at a make or break time, is too good for the city to pass up.

All of the partners are eager to get to work and anxious to begin. The sooner generous donors step forward with pledges, the sooner we can get started.

Families simply can’t afford to wait.

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