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Those Below Own One or More Square Feet of Hospice Land!

Mario Annecchini
David Barker
Murray Ross Bear
Richard Boxer 
Mac Burka
Mary Card
Kathy Cleaver
Paul Clements
John Conforzi 
Mrs. David Cornish
Robert R. Cranston
Bruce Earley
Mark Ernst
Paul Felstein
Rick Firth
David Friesen
Stephen Gillies
Lucie Grande
Dr. Ainslie Gray 
Tyler Hayes 
Dr. Robert Hiscoz
Anne-Marie Horne
David Jarvis
Anne Kirkland
Graeme Kirkland
Victoria Koudstaal
John Lawer 
Jason Lewis
Jacqueline McCloskey
Rosemary Mutton 
Mark F. Macpherson 
Robert Northey 
Daniel O'Connor
Jenny Pan
Linda Prue
Ross Reynolds 
Dianna Rhodes
Cheryl Russel
Hugh Russel
Martha Russel 
Philip Russel 
Dr. William Santo
Ernst Schell 
Ruth Schwartz 
Geoffery Seymour
John Sibbald
Chris Tierney
Riki Turofsky
Peter Verwoerd
Anne Wiliams



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