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IntroductionWhat is Hospice? What is Hospice?

A reported 90% of Canadians wish to remain at home during the final stages of their lives, yet 75% of the deaths still take place in hospital.

Many individuals would prefer to die at home as they do not require the high tech support of an acute care hospital, but in some cases this is not possible for a variety of reasons.

  • There may not be an extended family available locally to support their desire to stay at home.
  • Grown children may have left the community and have young families elsewhere prohibiting them from a commitment to support the decision to die at home.
  • Spouses who become caregivers may simply become exhausted.
  • Sons or daughters may be torn between the demands of caring for a young family and a dying spouse or parent.

The desire to support the decision to die at home is there, but the human resources may simply not be available. Financial relief from government does not eliminate the need for guidance and support as people try to meet the many challenges of the dying process.

A residential hospice provides an option to dying individuals and their families. The home like setting is provided where a skilled palliative care team provides compassionate care. The family is always welcomed and encouraged to take part in the care as much as they desire or are able.