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Beth Ellis

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values
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Our Mission

  • To ensure¬†clients and their families have access to the support services and facilities necessary for the care of the terminally ill by establishing and operating a 10 bed, residential hospice with a quiet, home-like environment that will serve as a comfort to all.
  • To foster development of the highest standards of End of Life Care.
  • To support and enhance educational opportunities for volunteers and caregivers providing End of Life Care.
  • To promote, through education and communication, the understanding that End of Life Care is vital to the health and welfare of our Community


Our Vision

  • That communities understand and accept End of Life Care as a meaningful component of the human experience, and
  • That all persona have access to End of Life support services within their community.


Our Values

We believe, share and commit to the following values:

  • Accountability
    Holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of stewardship, transparency and governance in all aspects of our work.
  • Achievement
    Striving to achieve our best in all that we do, in a supportive environment.
  • Compassion
    Expressing compassion in action by creating and nurturing a foundation and framework of sensitivity and fairness for all.
  • Integration and Partnership
    Working with others, as a leader and as a partner, to maximize resources and the benefits for those we serve.
  • Social Inclusion
    Respecting diversity in all of its expressions.
  • Volunteerism
    Honouring the contribution of volunteers as an essential part of our charitable organization.
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